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November 6, 2009

Impact of SQL Sever upgrade on Business Objects

Question: I am upgrading from SQL Sever 2000 to SQL Server 2005. How will this impact Business Objects and what precautions should I take?

For the most part, the upgrade should be fine, however you need to be careful with the change in compatibility level which depends on the type of upgrade.

In an in-place upgrade, the compatibility level remains the same. In this case for example, it will remain 80(SQL Server 200).

In a side-by-side upgrade, obviously the compatibility level will be changed, and in this case it will be 90(SQL Server 2005).

You need to be little careful if you did a side by side upgrade or if you change the compatibility level after an in-place upgrade.For instance, in 90 compatibility, you need to use the OUTER JOIN syntax to do an outer join, whereas in earlier compatibility levels, you can use ‘*=’ and ‘=*’. So if you have any SQL code that uses the ‘*=’ and ‘=*’ syntax for outer joins, and the compatibility level was changed to 90, all the reports with such SQL code will fail and joins in the universess that use the *=’ and ‘=*’ syntax will not parse.

Hope that helps.


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